Tips on Building Brand Loyalty for Your Business

When consumers are so happy with your brand that they’ll forego other competitors to continue shopping with you, they’re being loyal to your brand. Brand loyalty typically occurs when a business has ensured customer satisfaction, product quality, and trust with consumers. Building brand loyalty is a key goal that every business should look to achieve in their marketing. Below are some tips on how to improve your brand loyalty with consumers.

5 Tips for Building Brand Loyalty

1. Go Above and Beyond for Your Customers

Make sure your products and services are of the highest quality possible. Exceeding your consumer’s expectations with the quality of what you offer will build loyalty and give you the edge on your competition. Instead of settling for being second-best to your competing businesses – always strive to be at the top of your industry. It may sound easier said than done, but really it all comes down to your consumer’s wants/needs. Look at what your customers enjoy most about your brand and look for ways to enhance that element. You can use surveys, polls, or a comments section for your business website to get valuable feedback that can help.

2. Keep Your Brand Consistent and Familiar

People gravitate to what’s familiar to them. Which means they shop a specific brand because they’re happy with the products it offers and the quality of service they receive. Retailers like Bath & Body Works, for example, are popular because they rarely deviate from the look of their products or the pleasant fragrance notes they use in their candles, lotions, etc. Additionally, the company also takes their most popular scents and implement them into several different products. Which encourages customers to buy other products to experience their favorite fragrance in different forms. 

Consistency doesn’t just stop at your products and services though. All of your marketing materials and your businesses’ public persona should always share the same consistency in tone. When you deviate too far from what people like about your business, you risk losing the trust you’ve built with consumers.

3. Listen to Your Consumers

5 Tips for Building Brand Loyalty

If you really want to build brand loyalty with your consumers, don’t spend all of your marketing efforts on increasing sales and profit. Instead, take the time to show your customers you care about the experience they have shopping with you. Offer great customer service, promptly respond to customer inquiries, and encourage customer feedback. If you let your customers know their voice matters to your brand, you’ll see the results in your sales and your consumer base.

4. Spread Awareness to Your Business Locally

This is especially useful for small businesses just starting out or businesses marketing on a budget. Word-of-mouth is an immensely powerful marketing tool that should never be ignored. Partnering with local companies, hosting local events, or even partnering with charities is a great way to make your presence known in town.

5. Reward Customer Loyalty

When a customer chooses to shop with you exclusively, their loyalty should never go unnoticed. Remember, they had plenty of other options when looking for your product types and services, but they choose your brand over all others. So, make sure to show appreciation from time to time for their patronage by passing out digital coupons, seasonal holiday cards, or a small gift. That occasional gesture to say “thank you” will go a long way towards retaining customers. Additionally, reward systems can also build incentive for customers to continue shopping with you. As an example, the pizza chain Papa John’s has what they call “Papa Rewards” which uses a points system to encourage sales. For every dollar spent on online orders, customers that are part of their program will receive points that can be redeemed on future orders. 

You can also offer incentives to new customers as well, just don’t forget to pay equal attention to returning customers.  

Why Brand Loyalty Is Important

While your marketing approach may be bringing in a steady flow of new customers, it’s important that you find ways to retain the existing ones. If you don’t try to establish brand loyalty, your current customers will eventually move on to something else, having no incentive to stick with you. Implementing reward systems, providing quality goods, and showing you care about the customer will help you build brand loyalty.  

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