Which Hot Digital Marketing Ideas Are Right For You?

Have you heard? Digital marketing is tipped to be the most effective business growth method this year, and its popularity is only increasing.  If your 2017 campaign calendar looks uninspired, you’ll definitely want to check out some of these digital marketing ideas.

Why digital marketing?

Although print marketing is far from dead, the future is looking firmly digital.

Recent studies show that digital marketing will make up 37% of ad spending in the US. The total spend will reach a staggering $72.1 billion by the end of the year.

Most of this spend is predicted to come from video and mobile marketing; the stars of the digital marketing movement.

Learning to adapt the way your business markets itself is crucial if you’re going to stay ahead of the competition. After all–if they’re changing the way they shop, you’ll need to change with them!

Getting a slice of this action isn’t as hard as it might seem. Once you’ve covered off these simple marketing basics, check out our digital marketing ideas. They’re all easy and affordable to implement.

Become a fan of Facebook

If you haven’t considered Facebook as a viable digital marketing idea, you may want to re-think! It has 1.871 billion users worldwide and is ranked as the most popular social media site to date.

Facebook is a cost-effective means of advertising for smaller businesses without huge budgets to play with. The segmentation feature allows you to target your advertising accurately. One of the key success factors for any kind of advertising is relevance.

Facebook ad trends are moving towards more image-led content, with links and copy falling by the wayside. To ensure a successful campaign, make sure that your posts are visually engaging while still getting your message across.

Another effective way to harness the power of Facebook is to look at remarketing adverts. Remarketing ads let you target customers who visited your site but didn’t convert into paying customers. You can switch up your messaging and address any sticking points that stopped them from spending.

Make the move to mobile

When we talk about digital advertising, it can be easy to assume that this refers only to desktop.

Mobile usage is increasing, with the number of pages being loaded on mobile surpassing desktop and laptop last October. And it’s trending upwards!

Mobile is one of the easiest digital marketing ideas to implement. Make a start by ensuring that your company website is up-to-date and is responsive to the browser size. A responsive site makes it easier for your customers to shop from their phones and resizes appropriately based on the phone (or tablet) size. It is common for 40% of customers to bounce if a site doesn’t load in 3 seconds, so it really is key to be quick and responsive!

Developing an app for your site is another great digital marketing idea. It resolves any problems regarding mobile sites and loading times. It’ll help you give your customers a more seamless, user-friendly shopping experience, but can cost thousands of dollars above and beyond a responsive website.

Video marketing is the new digital marketing

When it comes to the digital marketing ideas, video is tipped to be one of the hottest trends of 2017.

Need proof?

Research shows that by 2019, video will make up 80% of all consumer traffic on the internet.

It will take an estimated 5 million years to watch all the video content set to hit IP servers in 2020. Now that’s a stat that’ll have you reaching for the video camera!

Use video marketing for product reviews and demonstrations or to answer customer questions. You can also hold whiteboard sessions or use them to engage with your customers.

Investing in video marketing doesn’t have to be overly expensive or unobtainable. If you’re planning on making several videos, you can hire or buy the equipment yourself. Fry’s electronics, B&H Photo or Samy’s Camera are all good places to start.  If that isn’t an option for your budget, there are several companies that can help you make your video for an affordable price.

If you don’t have the budget for any of the above, don’t fret! You can still give video marketing a try by contacting a vlogger or influencer in your industry. You can send them a product to review on their video channel and piggyback off their success.

Data gets big

Ever heard of ‘big data’? It might sound huge and intimidating, but it’s something you already have access to.

Big data is just another name for all the information a business collects on its customers on a daily basis. This includes things like shopping habits, demographics, and behavioral patterns. You’ll have access to this data via your email provider and Google analytics.

Try investing in a clever analytics provider that will bring all these separate elements together. Once your data sets are collected in one place, you’ll find that you have some incredibly helpful insights at your disposal.

When you know how your customers like to interact with your business, it gives you the upper hand! You can predict and intercept slumps in revenue before they happen. It’s also a good opportunity to push popular products and target your customers with the right products at the right times.

Predictive marketing, machine learning, and more personalized marketing are set to take over in the coming years. Get your paws on a good analytics platform and use these investigative tools to learn more about your customer data. With a great marketing agency, you can stay at the forefront of your customers’ buying behavior.

Which digital marketing ideas are right for your business?

Now that we’ve covered some of the more popular digital marketing ideas, it’s time to consider which are the best ones for you and your business.

Start by looking at which channels are your busiest. If you have healthy email open rates, engagement and click through rates, try opting for an email campaign. Or, if your social media channels are already crammed with customers that are highly engaged, a social campaign is likely to be best for you.

Like using big data, being smart about the digital marketing you use can help you keep your ROI high and will provide some great results.


Give one of these digital marketing ideas a try today and see the difference it can make to your next campaign, launch or promotion. You won’t be disappointed!

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