Digital Marketing Tacoma


As a digital marketing company, we make the lives of business marketers easier by incorporating the use of technology to improve upon things they are already doing.

And while digital marketing is the present and future, print marketing is still in use, and online marketing remains a popular choice by those who prefer buying online rather than at a shopping complex.

However, the business world is constantly changing, allowing digital marketing and its high-tech innovations to help marketers worldwide in areas where previous technology no longer works. These are examples of innovations contributing to the digital marketing evolution:

  • Voice search optimization
  • Mobile phone accessibility
  • Video marketing
  • Social media
  • Greater use of automation for daily tasks

Call Olive Group, LLC to gain insight into the importance of business-critical digital marketing in Tacoma for shaping the future.

Online Marketing Tacoma


By definition, online marketing is one of the critical elements of a complete marketing strategy for promoting products and services through the internet. While online marketing in Tacoma is no easy task, it is an effective means of identifying a target market, or determining the wants and needs of a marketing segment.

We can help build a professional online marketing strategy for your business following these fundamental marketing steps:

  • Understanding and focusing on your target market
  • Determining what your target group wants & fill the gap
  • Placing the solution before them with a compelling offer
  • Choosing the best promotion method
  • Keeping your promotion method focused on your prospective customers
  • Developing a marketing communications plan delivered in the right way

Whether you have a product or service, it is important to place the focus on how it touches the lives of your customers. To learn more about developing successful online marketing, place a call to our office today!

Internet Marketing Tacoma


If your business is new to internet marketing in Tacoma, or you are not using internet marketing to market your business, it’s time! We can help create internet marketing strategies designed to drive significant traffic to your website and offline stores to increase your sales.

Internet marketing encompasses a range of tactics and strategies used to market a product or service online that may include:

  • A strategy for website design
  • SEO and search engine submission
  • Social media
  • Blog posts
  • Reciprocal linking
  • Email marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Video marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Online promotions

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