Marketing Firm in Tacoma

We are first and foremost a strategy based marketing company.  That simply means we use data to confirm our assumptions before spending money in places we don’t know will be successful.  If you’ve not worked with a marketing firm in Tacoma before, we’re a great launching pad for small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) that want to do a few things.

  • Businesses that want to grow with marketing
  • Focus more on business growth while we focus on getting the word out
  • Need help managing their reputation or brand
  • Simply want clear results and hard working folks
  • Want a marketing strategy and don’t want to guess

Maybe you’ve run some ads or posted something on Facebook, but it doesn’t seem to help. It doesn’t move the needle. This is where Olive Group can help.  We’ve spent 14 years marketing both large and small businesses. Marketing for companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars, along with startups operating on hope, passion and a great idea and a solid strategy.  Strategic Marketing starts with telling your truths.

Tacoma Marketing Agency
Tacoma Marketing Firm

Advertising Agency in Tacoma

To make an impact and a memorable customer experience, we learn about your business and the quality of your brand.  We always do an assessment of your brand and your presence not only in the places you’re aware of, but places you may not be aware of.

Your business is unique, and so is your customer base.  To serve and grow that unique customer base, you must have an impactful message and memorable brand.  And if we’re going to create a marketing campaign that includes advertising, you’re going to want to get this correct.  We sit down with you and understand your unique business, then design a marketing plan to reach your target audience and where best to spend your advertising dollars.  It’s not rocket science, but it is well thought out and executed in a timely manner.  

Internet Marketing in Tacoma

Capturing your audience in Tacoma, Pierce County, WA state and beyond takes concerted effort.  And effort where folks spend their time.  And that’s the internet.  Studies show the complete view of how we’re forever connected to the web, and we help make sure people can find you!  Especially the right people.

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Olive Group Building downtown Tacoma WA

History of Olive Group

Olive Group was formed from a passion and a need.  From humble beginnings in a small apartment in Los Angeles, to a commercial building in beautiful downtown Tacoma and millions of dollars of impact.  Owner Jake Nyman has passionately worked to perfect his craft and grow Olive Group into a successful boutique marketing agency based in Tacoma, WA.  Jake has his Masters degree in Electronic Business and 15+ years of proven experience engaging in marketing strategy & execution, web development, social media, communications & SEO management. Olive Group is highly regarded in art direction and the full life cycle of the creative development process.

We are marketing in Tacoma.