Communicating Through Experience

Olive Group Marketing is about an experience

From beginning to end, we walk you through creating a marketing strategy that creates a memorable customer experience. Olive Group Marketing begins our process with a creative strategy session and strategy worksheet, determining your niche in the marketplace. We strive to rid the process of hyperbole and stay focused on what works best for local business and how we can strive to make you and your business more successful. 

There are tons of articles floating around the web relating to marketing and strategy. Many of them are very good and helpful. But where do you start? What brings about the best ROI (Return on your investment)? This is where Olive Group can help. We’ve spent years working with small and large businesses doing marketing. Marketing for companies worth hundreds of millions, to startups that have an idea, a dream and not much money. It’s our thing, and we’re darn proud of what we do.

We differ in marketing because we offer options.  We provide honest, strait forward recommendations based on our past professional experience, and we are determined to help.  Even if helping means giving you some homework and helping you help yourself!  We strive to be flexible and understanding.  We are a small business ourselves, and often times our marketing efforts for your business are new for us as well.  But no need to worry.  A good strategy, a good foundation, solid basic principles in web, creative, design, promotions, communications and more can really be impactful.  Let us help you create a memorable customer experience today!

Olive Group Marketing is about services

Marketing can encompass a wide range of specialities and means many different things to many different people.  The services we offer provide lasting results and make real business sense.



Video provides an attractive way to engage your potential customers and help them buy into your story.  Consumers want to know the why behind your product or service and we provide Hollywood level production and editing services right here in Tacoma.



From billboards, to commercials, retail signage and menu boards, Motion Graphics is all around us.  It helps tell your story and attract viewers who are interested in your content.  Olive Group has one of the industry’s best Motion Graphics creator working with our team to make your story shine!



Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click are all web based services that are functions of attracting customers.  Olive Group takes the time to do market research, learn who your customers are, and provide relevant content they want to consume.



From helping you create a logo, to walking you through the aspects and needs of branding guidelines is something we start every marketing strategy with.  Consistency in service and bringing meaning to your brand creates results.  And look no further than your brand as the base to stand on.

strategic marketing plan


We work with you on strategy.  It can be simple things like who is your target audience?  How do they find you and what do you do to keep them engaged?  It can also be more complicated like positioning your business with an inbound marketing campaign, using analytical data to build personas.



Web development begins with a good strategy, and then executes on that strategy.  It also includes adding features and benefits to customers who visit your mediums.  We develop social media profiles, web apps, websites and capturing information and profiles around the web.

The Best Solution for a Marketing Advertising Agency

Let’s face it.  Running your small or medium sized business is hard enough.  Bills, contracts, phone calls, emails… the list goes on and on.  Your business needs a marketing advertising agency that is local.  Actually stops by your business to see you and listen to your needs.  An agency that answers the phone when you need them the most.  And doesn’t bug you about your next project when you’re focusing on serving the customers coming through your door or visiting your site.  Olive Group, LLC® is your no-frills marketing advertising agency that can help.

Give us a call today or shoot us an email.  We are here to serve the Tacoma, Seattle, Portland metropolitan areas with true blue collar hustle.  With simple pricing, upfront costs and attainable deliverables, we can help with about any project large and small.


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Olive Group believes in a better way to do business marketing. Based around the concepts of client partnership and business integrity, Olive Group utilizes a unique marketing strategy with each client that allows us to understand what each client needs, why they exist, who they are truly targeting, and what executions need to take place to make those strategies come to life.

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