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Marketing Strategy Session – We begin all strategy work with a client strategy meeting & discussion group with a full-day session broken into segments to develop a baseline for your marketing strategy. Strategy includes working through the story of your business and why your business does what it does.  It lands on a clear, concise statement that explains your business, what makes your business different than the competition, and the complete story including hero, problems, guide, plan and action items for success. 


Persona Development – Research and Development of your target persona that solidifies the demographics, behaviors, interests and more of your specific audience. This research uses data from 230 million people and pulls data from companies like Axciom, Oracle, Experian and Epsilon, who collect purchase and activity data to assist in targeting. We develop your target personas from this real time data. These database companies obtain their information from many organizations, like credit card companies, Facebook, other social media, loyalty cards and more. We’re accessing data from some of the worlds largest and most advanced databases and compiling relevant data to help you understand who your target audience is.


Strategic Guide – Marketing Strategy Development consists of the writing and development of a guidebook for your business; describing your storyline, action items, personas, key phrases, competitive analysis, market research, keyword analysis, recommendations, and a full marketing strategy for your business.  This will include media buy recommendations and direction for marketing your business that will drive marketing plans for the next 2 – 3 years.

Why is a strategy important? Because of Targeting, Forecasting, and Truth-telling

We want to ultimately conclude with your business having a clear understanding of who you’re targeting, what you’re forecasting and how to tell the simple truths about your business that drive results.

We Are Marketing In Tacoma.

We help move the needle toward an audience that wants to hear your message. It’s no accident that you’re reading this page.

Our approach to marketing differs in that we strategize. We provide honest, straight forward strategic recommendations based on real data, analytics, trends, competition and our professional experience. We are determined to help. Even if helping means giving out homework; or telling our customers that based on our research, your assumptions are wrong. We strive to be flexible, understanding, and honest. The truth can sometimes hurt but it’s the truth in marketing that is a real game changer.

We too are a growing business, and understand that figuring out this “marketing thing” can be tough. A clear plan, a solid foundation, and a real strategy can have massive impact.Let us help you create a marketing strategy and a memorable customer experience today!

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Olive Group believes in a better way to do business marketing. Based around the concepts of client partnership and business integrity, Olive Group utilizes a unique marketing strategy with each client that allows us to understand what each client needs, why they exist, who they are truly targeting, and what executions need to take place to make those strategies come to life.

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