What is the lifetime value of a loyal customer? You want people who buy from your company over and over. Figuring out the magic formula that makes them raving fans willing to open their pocketbook requires a lot of foresight and attention to the customer experience (CX), though.

In a survey by Qualtrics XM of 10,000 consumers, researchers found 59% of people wouldn’t buy from a company after one bad experience. Your number one tool to instill customer loyalty is great customer service.

What if you have a limited budget and need to increase brand awareness? What are some things you can do that don’t cost a fortune but still ramp up how much your customers love and appreciate you? Here are our favorite tips.

Improve Customer Service

If customer experience is the thing driving people to buy from you, look for ways to ramp up your service. Make sure your call center reps are trained, adopt policies allowing creative solutions to client problems and reach out about issues before customers bring them to you.

Investing in customer relationship management software is one way to ensure you’re reaching the needs of your target audience. You’ll instantly know if something didn’t arrive on time due to a shipping error. You can reach out and let the customer know how you’ll make it right.

Adopt a Cause

Finding ways to connect with your customers helps improve brand loyalty by leaps and bounds. People want brands to care about something that matters. Think about what ties into your industry.

For example, a mattress company might worry about the old mattresses being dumped in old landfills. They could take steps to counteract the issue, either by teaming up with a nonprofit or starting their own mattress recycling program.

The cause you adopt must make sense for your business. It should be something you truly care about. Once you find the right choice, your customers will come alongside you and invest in your efforts.

Gain Trust

In order for people to feel loyal to your company, they must trust you. You should stick to what you say. If you change a policy, have a good reason for doing so and communicate it to your customers.

People need to know they can trust you to stand behind your product or service. It is only when they know you deliver a consistent experience repeatedly that they’ll recommend you to their family and friends.

Advertise Across Channels

Draw more attention to your brand by investing in advertising across numerous channels. The more people see your name and what you do, the more likely they’ll feel a connection and develop loyalty.

Ensure your message remains consistent no matter where the user encounters you. For example, if you have a tagline, use it in your store, on your print ads, on your social media walls and your website. If you give a different message, people might wonder how reliable you are.

Digital advertising allows you to reach your target audience where they hang out. Ideally, they’ll see your ads in multiple places, becoming more familiar with your brand each time.

Ask for Help

Do you already have a few loyal customers who buy from you often? You can use your fans to develop new fans. Reach out to your regulars and ask for help spreading the word about what you do and why they love you.

You can turn a few customers into superfans and make them ambassadors. In exchange for getting to try your products before anyone else, they tell others what they love about you. Such buzz is quite powerful and can bring in like-minded clients who also turn into superfans.

Personalize the Experience

Studies show 80% of consumers prefer to buy from brands offering a personalized experience. If you want people to care about you, you must first care about them. Track customer demographics and behaviors, so you can send them offers catering to their preferences and needs.

Take the time to track site visitors with cookies and offer them suggestions for products they might like, things they browsed last time they visited and special offers geared to their needs. The more specific your recommendations are, the more they’ll feel you understand them.

Look for ways to create a one-on-one relationship. Use the user’s first name in emails. Let them know you’re recommending a specific product because they bought a similar one. Tap into what you know about your customers to show them you pay attention and care. They’re much more likely to remain loyal to a brand that personalizes interactions.

Be Consistent

Have you ever done business with a company that was all over the place? One time you enter the store and they’re friendly and helpful. The next time, they barely greet you. Make sure you offer your customers a consistent experience whether they visit you online or offline.

Train your employees about your attitudes and the tone to take with customers. Make sure pricing, policies and offers all align with your core values. The more reliable each experience, the more likely your customers will return.

Focus on Current Clients

Don’t get so focused on growing and acquiring new leads that you forget about the people who helped you get where you are. Spend more time wooing your current clients than you do new ones.

Your loyal fans are the ones who will bring you new customers and keep your business humming in the long-term. Focus on current clients and the new ones will come your way.

Eleanor Hecks is the editor-in-chief of Designerly Magazine.
Eleanor Hecks is the editor-in-chief of Designerly Magazine.