Have you ever experienced an overwhelming feeling after landing on a particular website? Did the layout of the webpage fail miserably at giving you accurate details about what the brand was about? If the answer is yes, you’re certainly not the only one who has not optimized for website conversion.

Being a victim of poor user experience in the digital world is connected with weak branding. As a result, many visitors stray from the page without taking the desired action and impacting the conversion rates.

Thankfully, the answer to the success of a website lies within images. They breathe new life into a marketing project and help the targeted consumers make effective decisions about your product/services. Ultimately, this transforms them into paying customers, thus improving website conversion rates.

Furthermore, in today’s fast-paced world, people don’t have the time to scroll through long pages filled with boring text. They want to experience the brand’s vibe, and the right images are the key to profitable results.

In this guide, let’s look at how images can enhance your brand’s online presence and help its website convert better.

1. Individuality Goes a Long Way

Every business out there competes against others to bring out their very best. And individuality goes a long way to achieve that.

Standing out in a crowd means portraying something unique. You’ve got the world’s technology at your disposal, and it’s time to use it.

Viewers don’t want to see something that’s been repeated. It gets monotonous. They want something new and refreshing in both the real and tech worlds. And making your page different with unique yet relevant images is the best way to achieve your revenue goals.

For example, give your clients a good feel of what to expect from your product. As an added kick, include pictures using technology that dynamically spins pictures.

By rotating them at 360 degrees, you’ll see immediately how a simple change can enhance conversion rates for goods by 27%.

2. Ignite The Human Senses

Allowing viewers to connect with a well-designed website is key to nailing the website’s conversion rate. But very few businesses realize how you can succeed by adding the right amount of human touch.

Getting the right emotions out of your brand’s target audience is a component that many businesses struggle with. But to leave a strong image behind, human connection is necessary.

Incorporate an element that viewers can relate to, like a human face. It makes people focus more while bringing them closer to a common ground. You might see it as a very simple element, but the results can boost your website’s engagement by several folds.

For example, you’re an online shop that sells artwork. How about switching the actual painting with an image featuring the artist who created the masterpiece? Don’t be surprised to see conversion skyrocket; this test is proven.

3. Give Customers The Validation They Need

In the world of marketing, advertising helps to achieve success. But did you ever wonder why those commercials manage to bring in engagement from different places?

The answer is actually very easy. People are in search of third opinions. They are always searching for a little extra validation. And that is what gives them comfort when buying a product.

A successful brand is one that makes its customer feel convinced and safe that they’re making the right choice. And they get that feeling when they see others ecstatic about a certain product that they were looking at.

For example, when you feature images of people smiling and happy with a product, your conversion is bound to grow. Add testimonials featuring pictures, and watch your website’s stats move in your direction.

4. Make Use Of The Power Of Emotions

Audiences are very picky when it comes to purchasing. Therefore, your brand’s website must motivate them to make certain decisions. And that’s exactly where the power of emotions comes into play.

Every customer is intelligent, and they see what a business is trying to put forward. Therefore, you need to make them feel great and wanted so they can connect with your brand on a new level.

How about letting them in on the experience of a product by featuring an image that portrays happiness? Choose pictures that don’t just display the intended features.

For example, if you’re a brand that sells jade rollers, let them in on images that showcase the consumer’s satisfaction. Perhaps a simple click of a model using the product and attaining that satisfaction feeling is a smart place to start.

5. Utilizing Stock Photos Intelligently Always Helps

Coming across poorly structured and cheesy stock pictures has become a norm. And it’s safe to say that most viewers are well aware of what a business is trying to do when using them.

The modern era has people more educated and aware of when or if a certain business is trying to fool them. They won’t fall into that trap again, and you end up with even lower conversion rates than before.

So, what’s the solution?

Instead of using generic or cliche pictures, make use of high-converting stock images intelligently and effectively. You may have to obtain a premium account to get the desired results, but that goes a long way.

Incorporate professional stock images that don’t emit the obvious. The message should be there but reflected in a positive manner.

Think along the lines of high-quality pictures that add value to your website and portray the message beautifully. It may be a stock image or not a stock image. But in cases when you’re using the former, something that adds true substance and professionalism is always welcomed.

Remember, customers are smart, and visuals that look and feel like a trap or a staged act is never going to be loved.

Conclusion of Website Conversion Discussion

With these tips described above, we bet you’ll get the website conversion rate that your brand needs in no time. Remember, the goal is to evolve with the changing trends of today’s fast-paced world. And it’s all about the greatness that images bring forward to any branding strategy.

If you are looking for a well-thought and effective strategy to drive more traffic to your website and improve sales, then our complimentary consultation call is for you.