How Good Graphic Design Is A Must For Your Brand And Your Website

Have you ever considered how important graphic design is to your website? We all know the value of strong content, but this doesn’t mean we should ignore the graphics.

Why good graphic design is essential

We are visual creatures. We like things to be functional while still looking nice. Read on to find out why graphic design is a must for your website.

It gives the feeling of professionalism

When you put care into your design, it shows you are a professional business. If you are prepared to invest in a logo and website graphics, it gives the impression you are here to stay.  There are some things you can’t do with a mouse and a retro version of Microsoft Paintbrush. It really is best to leave the design to the professionals.

Look at it from your customers point of view. It is much easier to trust a company which looks professional than one with blurry or mismatched graphics.  First impressions count!

It makes you stand out from your competitors

If a customer is debating whether to go with you or your competitor, it could all come down to the look and feel of your website.  Is a customer going to choose a poorly designed, unappealing website or something a little easier on the eye?

The answer is obviously the latter! Don’t miss out on potential sales due to a poorly designed website.

Graphics reflects on your business

The graphics give you an opportunity to show the vibe of your business. Who is it targeted to? What do you want to say?  Consider the vision and message you want to share when it comes to your business. Brainstorm how your graphics can depict this.

For example, a moody teenager might be turned off by a website with images of power tools. They’d probably prefer something more alternative.  An adult male might be turned off by bright shades of pink and purple. This is why you often see men’s products made in blue or black. Graphics can create a theme and evoke emotions. Mostly this is subconscious and people aren’t even aware it is happening.   They should be used as a tool for supporting your business.

Don’t forget to think about your logo. Does it offer any explanation of what your brand is all about?

Good graphics help to create a recognizable brand

Think about Coca-Cola for a moment. All you need to see is red with white writing and you know it is Coke. Everywhere in the world, it is a highly recognizable brand. How did they do it? Consistency, repetition and good graphic design!

Understanding and implementing these factors can create a long-term connection between you and customers.  Once your style is known it will be easier to subtly advertise to your target market. People get distracted easily, you need to get your brand shouting out to them in just a few seconds.

In addition, it can be beneficial to make sure your designs are entirely original. You don’t want to be mistaken for someone else. Opting for cheaper graphic design options may end up costing you more than if you hired a professional in the first place.  You may not be happy with a cheaper design and may want to do it over and over. Do it right the first time and save yourself the added time and expense!

Good graphics can help to explain things

The internet is packed with information but many people find it difficult to sit there and read it all. Graphics can be used to explain things and be used for creative tutorials. When we are constantly reading, learning with a simple graphic is a pleasant change. Visitors can scroll and browse more easily.

When you create clever infographics you may even notice an increase in your traffic numbers. People love to share these types of informative graphics.

You can reach a much larger audience with graphics. Any potential barriers such as age and language will be less of an issue. Graphics are universally appealing.  People don’t always notice good navigation, but they will notice when it’s bad. Think about all of the design aspects of your website from the navigation to the buttons.   Keep your visitors coming back for more.

It can help you to personalize the user experience

Unless you are studying at university, words on a screen often need a bit of jazzing up. The graphics on your website say a lot about who is behind the content.  You can use this to add some fun to your business with a quirky character design. As an example, an online pet store could include “Perry the Pug” as your personal helper.

A party website could have a fun little host cartoon, drink in hand ready to offer you ideas.   You get the picture. It is all about personalizing the user experience and giving them something to connect with.

Internet trends come and go, but well-made graphics will always be in style.

Tips for working with a graphic designer

If you have decided it is time to invest in graphic design, you will need to find a suitable designer. They may be part of a creative marketing agency or a solo business.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Choose someone whose portfolio shows a similar style to your taste
  • Communicate and be clear about what you want
  • Show examples of other designs you like
  • Let them be creative, they are the experts after all
  • Be specific about what you do and don’t like. This could be fonts, colors etc
  • Be patient, the right design will come at the end of a process

What’s the moral of the story? Pay attention to the graphic design you are using for your website. It could make a huge difference to your business! Do you need some professional designs done for your website? We can help! Check out our portfolio.

What have you found useful in terms of graphic design? Has this been an important factor in your web design?  We would love to hear what you have to say, leave your comments below.