Increase Site Traffic through Video Marketing

Most businesses know that content is a powerful tool for growth. But many don’t know where to begin when it comes to video marketing. This is true of small and mid-sized businesses that don’t have a marketing budget or team. Locally-owned restaurants, small chain retailers, and other customer-oriented trades fall into this category.

Yet they are the ones that would benefit the most from a plan that includes video.  That’s because using video increases traffic to your website. And more site traffic means more product awareness. It can lead to an increase in sales.

But adding video marketing to your social media strategy doesn’t have to be a big production.

It’s easier than you think with these tips.

Try Video Marketing with a Platform

There are several platforms successful marketers use for video. These include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Periscope.

A social media rule of thumb is simply put: If your competitors are there, you should be too.

Many businesses use these platforms for video marketing, there’s hardly an excuse not to.

But if showing up the competition isn’t motivating enough think about the benefits of SEO. YouTube videos are often given preference in Google search results.

Another reason to use these platforms is because they are inexpensive and easy. Switching on a Facebook Live video takes almost no effort at all. But doing so ranks your post higher within the algorithms that determine who sees what.

The result? More traffic to your website.

Provide Useful Product Demos & Reviews

80% of Millennials consider video when choosing which product to buy. Savvy shoppers seek out demos and reviews when comparing which product to buy. This makes a strong case for businesses to publish a video demo or review.

If you want your video to appear in search results for a keyword you must include a meta-description. Doing so could mean your video shows up in the top results of a Google search.

Videos are returned in over half of all keyword searches on Google each day. If you’re not using video marketing, you’re missing out on market share.

Show Off Your Expertise with How-To Videos & Screencasts

The most engaging content is about thought leadership, not self-promotion. For this reason, how-to videos and screencasts perform well.

Screencasts give the opportunity to show off technology or answer questions. Business owners can use screencasts to answer a question like this one:

How can I access your e-commerce page?”

They are a great tool for walking customers through a virtual shopping trip. You can even use screencast videos to “onboard” your customers. Ensuring a smooth transition into using your website’s customer portal.

How-To videos offer step-by-step instruction on something meaningful to your target market.

When deciding what to make yours about, gather information by hitting social sites. Use social insights to find out what your customers are talking about and do that. It’s guaranteed to generate interest and lead to social shares.

Appeal to More People with Testimonials & Online Ads

Testimonials have long been a part of most successful marketing strategies. But the increase of video marketing technology makes them more appealing and accessible.

Bonus points for being easy to get! You simply ask your customers to tell the world what they love about your business.

They can do this in a studio with a professional photographer, or on their couch with a cell phone camera. You decide how casual or formal you want the video to be.

Any time a customer shares a positive experience it’s a good thing. Don’t sweat it if there’s no budget to produce a professional testimonial.

Online video ads can also be a source of revenue. They’re the most engaging way to advertise online. We know this because wherever we see video ads we see increases in click-through rate.

Marketing agencies can place your video ads and target a certain audience. More than 70% of ad executives say online video ads are as effective as television.

Statistics show television still has the widest reach. But investing in TV means you are paying to reach people outside of your target audience.

If you want to cast a more precise net or reach a new generation of young consumers, you’ve got to splurge on a video ad or two. Even if you do so at no cost by shooting and posting them online yourself, then sharing them on social.

Don’t Stop at Just One

We’ve already told you YouTube is the best free platform for two reasons.

One, it increases SEO. And two, it’s easy to use. But it’s also great for creating a video series your customers will love.

Your video series can be about anything! Any of the video types we discussed above can be made into a YouTube series. The important thing is to be authentic and true to your brand voice.

Your series can be informative or fun. Fiction or non-fiction.

Whatever feels right to you, meets your budget and is appealing to your audience. If you can afford to spend a little more, get creative and include custom animation.

Then set up a retargeting campaign to get back in front of visitors who bounced from your channel. YouTube has a valuable toolset to re-engage users that didn’t convert the first time.

Think Big Picture, or in this case, Video!

Using video marketing to promote your business isn’t only smart, it’s necessary. In some cases, it’s the missing link to convert website visitors into buyers.  It isn’t going away. But firms that find creative ways to add video to their social strategy will be ahead of the competition.  No matter if your end game is to grow your customer base, brand yourself as a thought leader or all the above. A well-placed video can get you there.

It doesn’t take the manpower of a marketing team to hit “go live” on Facebook. So take a deep breath and get ready for your close-up!

Because video marketing is here to stay. The possibilities for increasing site traffic are endless. And that’s a piece of advice you can take to the bank!