How to Generate More Business Leads for Your Business

Are you a business owner in the Puget Sound or Pacific Northwest looking for ways to increase your business leads? If so, you aren’t alone!

According to Econsultancy, about 22% of business owners were satisfied with the conversion rates of their websites! Conversion rates are made up of visitors to your website that convert into customers or take an action you desire on your web page.  Things like engaging with your content or inputting their information in a lead generation form.  The items that keep your sales pipeline full. These sort of actions are the beginning of gaining trust with your target audience and potentially earning their business.

Let’s look at how you can generate more business leads!

Improve Local Website SEO Near Me

One of the best ways to increase your business leads is to improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website locally.  Through improved SEO, your business is able to leverage a potential client’s use of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

But how?

By designing your website and its content in a way that makes it more relevant than your competition.  Notice we use the word relevant here.  Relevancy is a big factor Google uses to rank websites and as a matter of fact, they call it domain authority or relevancy.  Relevancy in Google’s eyes (and yes, Google has an 85%+ market share so we’re really only concerned about them) is what your website should try to attain.  But again, how?

One of the ways you can do this is by creating a website with quality content that utilizes important keywords in your target industry. By using this approach, you can help your business land higher in search engine results.   Local citation building, inbound linking, outbound linking and many more factors go into improving your local website search results.  Their are many companies on the web selling today’s snake oil of “SEO”.  Be warned, SEO is complicated, but their are good techniques (white hat) and bad techniques (black hat) that can help your business in the short or long term.  If you are looking for an agency to help with local SEO, be sure to take a peak at our guide.

The goal is to  will help your business generate more traffic on your website and convert those website visitors into customers.  With an increase in traffic, a well executed call-to-action and sales process can result in more business leads locally through SEO.


In today’s digital world, blog content is an increasingly more popular way to capture traffic online.  An estimated 77% of internet users read blog content!  But how can you use blogs to your advantage?

You do this in part by having well-written, relevant content on your blog.  Similar to this article here, it must be relevant and informational.  AND NOT TOO SALESY!  Many businesses forget the steps leading up to a sale.  Some visitors are just researching, some have researched and are now narrowing down candidates and others are ready to buy, but don’t want to just be sold something.  They want to see the value!

Your content must also be able to be found by people on the internet.  Imagine having a great article and then accidentally including a “nofollow” link on it.  Oops, now nobody can find it and it gets no traffic.  Imagine writing an article that is 750 words, but Google is looking to authoritative sites that have articles of 1500 or more.  Or lastly imagine have an article that includes a generic keyword like thrift stores, but targeting an audience that is looking for used furniture.  It’s close, but you’ve missed the mark.  All of those potential customers are looking for clothes and you’re selling furniture.  It is vital that you have a solid keyword analysis and plan.

When you have good content that can be discovered, this improves business leads exponentially.  Now you have something to share on social media and promote not only on your site, but in industry periodicals and cornerstone evergreen content to build the authority of your website.

Your blog content can also be used to improve the SEO presence of your company online.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are those pages online that focus on a specific task, converting potentially leads into potential customers.  Typically landing pages are found by clicking a hyperlink in a social media post or on a specific word or call-to-action on your business website.

While there is a variety of landing pages, the one pertinent to this discussion is a lead generating landing page. These are web pages your business keeps in order to collect information about potential customers and generate leads. These pages often contain some sort of form, survey or downloadable content that requires the visitors information to attain.

A business lead page may offer a free trial or special offer, in return for the visitor  providing information like a user’s name and email address.  Lead pages are an important part of any online marketing campaign and new arguments can be made that a website should be made solely of landing page techniques.  While that may work for some businesses, each marketing plan and goal is different and it is important to solidify the needs of your organization before jumping onto one bandwagon or another.


Webinars are a great way to help generate business leads for your company.  And when we say webinar, we mean teaching people something of value and helping gain their trust through video.

These are seminars that take place online and are given to a specific audience for a specific purpose.  They usually include some sort of presentation or slideshow and consists of video content that is either live or recorded to appear live.

Why is this important?

According to Cisco, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video content by 2019!

Webinars need to be a part of any targeted marketing campaign. Take time to consider trending topics in your industry.  Your webinars are most effective when they resonate with your audience and their needs.

When you provide webinars to potential customers, they can be an effective way of generating traffic online and interest in your product or services.

Improve Your Ads and Placement

Spend time reviewing the analytics of your advertisements and determine how they are (or are not) working.

As part of an effective marketing campaign, you need to deliver a unique message to prospective clients that piques their interest in your business.  One of the ways you can do this is by incorporating a marketing campaign that develops a strong brand presence, while delivering a creative message that resonates with your audience.

By monitoring your analytics, you can pick up on consumer behaviors. What is working for you and where? What isn’t?

Through this analysis, you can identify patterns and alter your advertisements in a way that will help you generate more business leads.

Give People a Place to Interact

Another way to generate more business leads is to give website visitors a place to interact with each other.  Sometimes this is accomplished through a message board or social media feed. Another way to do this is by encouraging blog readers to participate in a discussion by allowing comments or spurring further discussions on a platform like LinkedIn or Facebook.

Doing this helps users to become more engaged with your website and your brand.

You will also learn a lot about your market by paying attention to the comments that are left.

This can help you to generate better content for your blog that will resonate better with your target audience. It can also lead to better product development and a more targeted message.

React to Comments

By just giving clients and prospective clients the opportunity to leave comments, you’re not providing enough to make the activity valuable.  A representative from your business needs to comment, and if possible, comment to every user’s comment, within reason.

You should regularly monitor these discussions. You want to actively learn about the market in your industry. But at the same time, you want to react in a timely manner to comments.

By being attentive to the discussion, you are showing an interest in what others have to say.   This can generate valuable leads from prospective customers who just began to trust your brand.  When a real person just replied to their comment online, users feel more engaged than if their comment goes unnoticed. It can also keep your current customers using your product or service.

Increasing Business Leads

Companies across all industries are seeking ways to increase their business leads. After all, it’s through these leads that you can continue to grow your product or service and build a more dynamic business.

We discussed that one great way to do this is by improving your website’s SEO. This helps your business rank higher in search engine results and will result in more traffic to your website.  Having a more favorable position in search engine results can be the difference between your business being found or not.  If 85% of people are not leaving page 1 when they do a search on Google, page 2 and beyond become almost irrelevant for most search terms.

Optimize your website’s SEO by building high-quality blog content, unique webinars and utilizing trending keywords in your industry.  You can also help generate leads by having a place on your website for users to interact with one another and your business. This helps to create a more engaging environment for your visitors.

It also gives you valuable information about who is visiting your website!

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