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We know how and why to incorporate Google Maps in Tacoma WA into your marketing strategy to enhance your presence and provide Google directions in Tacoma to help consumers find your business.

When using Google Maps in Tacoma and expecting full benefits, it is vital that you are not just on Google Maps in Tacoma, but that you have a top ranking. When a consumer conducts a maps search for your products or services, it is crucial that your Google Maps listing in Tacoma is optimized to show up.

We can provide assistance for achieving a higher rank for products or services:

  • Optimize listing description
  • Proper business categorization
  • Photos on Google My Business in Tacoma
  • Google reviews

Call Olive Group, LLC to help achieve a high local ranking on Google Maps directions in Tacoma for those searching nearby businesses. (206) 338-1685

Google My Business Tacoma


A complete and accurate Google My Business listing in Tacoma is crucial to the status of your business ranking. We can help you achieve that higher ranking by creating, or assessing your Google My Business profile in Tacoma to ensure it is comprehensive and accurate, and includes optimized business description:

  • Products & services offered
  • Business features
  • Brand uniqueness
  • Brand history
  • Traffic-value keywords

Whether your business is large or small, the importance of a Google My Business listing in Tacoma is to ensure potential customers of finding your products or services easily in an online local search.

Call Olive Group, LLC today to learn how we can help you get visibility and results on Google My Business in Tacoma – the most trusted search engine in the world! (206) 338-1685

Google Directions Tacoma


The total purpose of providing Google directions in Tacoma is simply finding your business. As part of our strategy to enhance your presence, providing Google directions in Tacoma:

  • Increases customer visits
  • Improve purchases
  • Increase potential customers
  • Improve customer interaction

We can add immediate value to your website with a couple of lines of code that provide Google directions in Tacoma to your business or blog from wherever your customer may be located. And it can be implemented immediately!

While there are many apps and services providing assistance, Google directions in Tacoma offers the best navigation and routing options, and is a convenient time-saver for potential clients or customers wanting to visit your business.

Call Olive Group, LLC today to help you add this remarkable feature! (206) 338-1685



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