Persona Tacoma


With today’s consumer demand for timely products and services catered to meet their specific needs, there is a shift to a mass customization model for accurately identifying their needs through the buildout of personas as opposed to demographic data.

Developing a website design persona for marketing enables companies or businesses to design a superior user experience for their customers across all brand touchpoints. We focus on developing reliable and realistic personas in Tacoma based on representations of key customer segments.

The representations are based on user research and web analytics to develop effective personas that:

  • Are representative of a significant user group for your site
  • Convey primary needs of the key user groups
  • Provide a clear insight into user expectations
  • Help identify widespread features and functionality
  • Depict actual people with backgrounds, objectives & values

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Customer Persona Tacoma


Simply and basically stated, a customer persona is a widespread representation of your mainstream customer.

Anyone in business knows the importance of knowing who their customer is, and their likes and dislikes. This is where customer persona comes into view – helping you understand your customers better, and knowing how to convert their loyalty to your brand.

We have a team of experts that not only understand the crucial role customer persona plays in your marketing business plan and objectives, but also the importance of developing a customer persona to:

  • Define your target audience
  • Find additional methods of reaching out to your customers
  • Create a set of content strategy for different target segments
  • Lend definition to your promotional strategy

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Marketing Persona Tacoma


A marketing persona is a document detailing a key segment of your target audience – the who, what, when, where and why to help you deliver the most relevant and useful content to your audience, and ultimately to design the best user experience.

These are a few benefits of a unique marketing persona investment:

  • Ability to develop more insightful marketing strategies
  • Helps increase conversions
  • Promotes site integration with other channels
  • Improves user experience

We are experienced in creating marketing personas that are effective and unique to each client, defining your target audience, and determining the number of marketing personas you should create.

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