Promotion Tacoma


Business promotion in Tacoma is all about consciously getting the word out every day!

Whether you are a new startup, or well down the road with your business, a strong business promotion platform is vital for building and cultivating loyal relationships, building trust, and educating potential customers to recognize that your service or product has superior value.

These are a few examples of how to use various types of promotion to help grow your business and customer base:

  • Develop a strong marketing program using various forms of email
  • Include links in communications for connecting with you via social media
  • Use social media such as Instagram promotion
  • Target your market regularly with blog posts & high-quality content
  • Use newsworthy press releases online or in print
  • Share your expertise by hosting an industry-specific seminar or forum
  • Create useful video tutorials
  • Optimize your website SEO

Call Olive Group, LLC today. We can help you build your customer base with a strong and effective business promotion strategy that includes Instagram promotion and sales promotion.

Instagram Promotion Tacoma


Using an Instagram promotion in Tacoma can help lead to conversion and sales for your business.

With greater than 200 million users visiting at least one business profile daily, according to Instagram statistics, your brand must be memorable to entice the 60 percent of potential buyers discovering new products on Instagram.

You can also use Instagram promotion to elevate your brand online by creating a consistent and innovative aesthetic to spark the imagination of your viewers. Our expert team can help you create an Instagram promotion with a dramatic aesthetic for your brand:

  • Establish human characteristics that represent your brand personality
  • Determine the type of content to post
  • Choose a theme to make your profile memorable to users
  • Choose a grid layout to help visually organize your Instagram feed
  • Incorporate hashtags that include your area and type of business
  • Include a link in your business page bio

We can help you achieve true success on this promotion platform. Call today!

Sales Promotion Tacoma


The right sales promotion strategy can draw new customers and help stimulate demand for your product or service. As one of the most important tools in the sales promotion mix, its general objectives include:

  • Introducing new products into the market
  • Attracting new customers
  • Offering buyer incentives to create an immediate purchase
  • Using sales promotion to increase product popularity
  • Enhancing public image of the company

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